Guest satisfaction in hotels is the assessment of how happy and satisfied your guests areduring their stay. It is an extremely important parameter and takes part in the curriculum taught by any hotel management college in Kolkata. The hospitality aspirants are instructed on how to improve guest satisfaction. The current article will discuss some best practices to enhance guest satisfaction in the hotel industry.

How to Enhance the Level of Guest Satisfaction

There is a range of factors that affect customer satisfaction. A hotel management institute in Kolkata takes assiduous care in instructing these aspects. Below, as one of the eminent hotel management colleges in Kolkata, we have outlined the best practices to improve guest satisfaction in hotels. If you choose a career in the hospitality industry, the following tips will prove rewarding.

Add a Personal Touch

Every guest likes to get special treatments which are not run-of-the-mill. You, as a hotelier, should also take extra care in making them feel special with unique treatments tailored for every guest. Some simple gestures, complimentary services etc., can go a long way in achieving your objective and improving the satisfaction level among guests.

Quickly Respond & Resolve Complaints

Ignoring grievances and guest complaints could be detrimental to the reputation of your establishment. The complaints could acquire many forms, ranging from verbal, written or feedback posted over the web. In the first two cases, you should not shun away from lending an attentive ear to your customers. Your recognition of the problem should be followed by a prompt response and action to redress it.

In the latter case, i.e. negative online reviews, once again, you should actively engage with them and respond to the reviews. Begin with apologising ardently and try to address the real problem instead of a vague elaboration. This is precisely why hotel management colleges in Kolkata particularly emphasise communication skills that come in handy in addressing grievances.

Keep In Touch With Guests Post-checkout

You should endeavour to stay in touch with guests even post-checkout. You can harness email and Whatsapp marketing features to keep your guests up-to-date about your new offers and discounts. This practice ensures a high chance of guest retention.